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MyMicroInvest is a European fintech that gives everyone the opportunity to invest via equity crowdfunding in high-potential and innovative start-ups and scale-ups alongside professional investors, business angels and venture capitalists.

Individuals can invest from €100 in companies listed on MyMicroInvest in conjunction with professional investors and under the same financial conditions.

Crowd investors can choose to invest in equity or lending campaigns.

Individuals combine their resources to select, invest in and support the companies of tomorrow with industry professionals. MyMicroInvest was founded in July 2011 by José Zurstrassen, Charles-Albert de Radzitzky, Olivier de Duve, and Guillaume Desclée.

MyMicroInvest is an industry leader, with over €35 million raised since its commercial launch in September 2012 and +35,000 members.

MyMicroInvest was also the first crowdfunding platform in the world to develop a system allowing young companies to make a public offering for Belgian savings by establishing a relationship of trust with the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). This is because MyMicroInvest published a FSMA approved prospectus to be able to raise unlimited amounts of funds using crowdfunding.

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