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My Vision Works, Inc.

Success Conditioning

 We studied why people fail and why people succeed.  Our research found 9 Principle of Success that Highly Successful people know.  We created a Success Conditioning Program based on the 9 Principles of Success.

We can all relate to how a Martial Arts Dojo works.  As people achieve higher levels of skill and conditioning they are recognized for their acheivement with a Belt System.  White Belts to Black Belts.  

We have created the 'Mental Arts Dojo, The Way of the Achiever' to train Success Conditioning based on the 9 Principles of Success.  We have a Belt System.  Each Belt represents one of the Success Principles.  As you gain mastery in each principle you receive recognition for your achievement.  

The training is available in a variety of formats.  Online and On Demand,  Live Webinars, Live Virtual and Physical Workshops.

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