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My Friend Needs A Kidney





The Friends of Purnell Wright are hosting a Community Yard and Hoagie Sale in support of My Friend Needs A Kidney Campaign. All proceeds from this event will benefit Purnell Wright aka My Friend Needs A Kidney.


Currently, Purnell is on Peritoneal Dialysis.  Every night his wife helps him to prepare for an 8 hour treatment, which has been a major life adjustment for the both of them.

In addition to his wife’s support, Purnell has a team of medical professionals that have helped him develop a kidney transplant strategy. This strategy includes getting listed with the top kidney transplant hospitals on the east coast, which include but not limited to New York to Florida.


To date, he has completed the application process to be listed with three of the best transplant hospitals and has aggressively reached out to four more facilities. But as you may know the wait for a kidney could be 2-5 years depending on the region.


While doing research, he came across a medical journal that listed most of the financial exposures that a kidney recipient may occur, which becomes the purpose of this fundraiser. These fundraisers will help cover these additional medical related expenses, which may occur.

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