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Music And Arts Management

Over the last three years the  "Opera"Company in Russia and now “Music And Arts Management” located now in New York, has been developing its own style, and original and unique repertoire in order to create new programs to increase the public's interest in opera.  Opera being the most complex theatrical genre of the performing arts combines several disciplines from all of the performing arts into one production. 
A focus on music and singing, being the primary components of operas, is a thoughtful way for the audience to comprehend fully an opera performance. However there is a combination of acting and dance all necessary to portray the necessary elements of the successful opera.  Thus, a high quality of all components is necessary in order for an opera to be possible.

However it is the singing which sets the opera performance aside form all others genras such as musical theater. That is why Music Arts Management's  focus is on promoting vocal and instrumental programs, using some of the best examples from the opera repertoire.  Certainly, in running our business and creating these presentations, involvement in major concert projects, new invitations from our partners underscores the importance of our work.

Today, we would like to thank everyone who has been with us over the last two years, who believed in us and through whose support we were able to implement this very challenging project.
Thank you very much! 
Music And Arts Management

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