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Mushin Combatives

Our mission at Mushin Combatives is instructing real world, functional defensive tactics and close-quarter combatives specializing in urban concepts to law enforcement, military, and security personnel.


Mushin Combatives training courses are founded on jiu-jitsu and the Tri-V curriculum from Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association.


The foundations offer a breadth of history in combatives encompassing joint locks, takedowns, subject restraint holds, hand-to-hand unarmed combatives, impact weapon applications and edged weapon countermeasures. 


The primary instructor is Christopher Mandigma, a use of force, defensive tactics and firearms instructor for the Federal Government of Canada. He is a student of multiple martial arts and combatives systems, and specializes in hand-to-hand combatives and the edged/impact weapon based combat arts of the Philippines. He has 13 years of experience in law enforcement and the security industry, including use of force training delivery. 

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