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MSARNG Family Readiness Support Assistant(s)


The overall objective of the FRSA program is to assist Commanders in the execution of Unit Family Readiness throughout all phases of the Deployment Cycle.  FRSAs provide Command with a "continuum of care" in Family Readiness and coordinate various resources so that Commands, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), Soldiers and Families are prepared and ready for Military life.


155th ABCT (North)
Brad Davis
662-891-0467 (33737)


155th ABCT (South)
Bud Ladd


168th ENG BDE
Jane Lyon  
601-629-6210 (42823)


184th ECS
Vanessa Chambers
601-428-0184 (40632)


185th ECAB / 1108th TASM-G
Stephanie Raines  
601-313-4682 (34682)


66 TC
Marion Newbury
601-683-3837 (41474)


Donna Manning  
601-313-6766 (36766)


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