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Mountain Midwifery Center

Mountain Midwifery Center welcomes all family types.
Services offered include:
  • Prenatal care, natural birth, water birth, nutritional counseling and more
  • Wellness exams and care for women of all ages - teens, moms and beyond
  • Educational services such as classes on childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding
  • Birth control and other GYN services
  • Family Building insemination service in a home-like setting (aka IUI)
What makes Mountain Midwifery Center (MMC) unique?
  • State of the Art Facility - MMC's facility was designed and built to be a birth center. Our sound proofing, birth tub design, water heating capacity and electrical generator for power outages are all designed from years of birth center experience. You may not see these differences, but they are there for your family.
  • Colorado-owned - MMC is a locally-owned and independent freestanding facility.
  • Midwife-run - We are not hospital owned, nor are we a corporate cookie-cutter chain. Our midwives can practice full-scope midwifery. Many midwifery practices are MD-supervised and limited in their ability to create the customized birth plan a family needs.
  • Water birth - MMC has performed more water births than any facility in Colorado. Many local practices claim to do water birth, but in truth only allow moms to labor in water, not deliver. And some only allow their tubs to be used on “slow days” or with certain staff. The understanding of water birth, when it is appropriate and when it's not, doesn't happen automatically when a facility puts in a tub. It takes research, training and leadership.
  • Licensing - MMC is the oldest licensed birth center in Colorado. Licensing is important because some hospitals call themselves birth centers without any commitment to evidence-based, low intervention labor management.
To learn more, visit where we have info, photos and public orientation visit times.


Safe Space - all are welcome here

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