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Monica Mitchell-Giraudo

WHO IS In2Peace?­

In2Peace was conceived from the holistic self of its creator, Monica MITCHELL-GIRAUDO, a dedicated and passionate learner, teacher, and facilitator of mind and body awareness practices.  Monica completed her 200 hours of Hatha yoga training through Sakhi Yoga Training in Columbia, SC, and consistently trains for Mindfulness meditation through the Mindful Schools courses and various MBSR training sessions. 

Monica’s interest and pursuit of mind and body awareness remain centered around Mindfulness meditation practice.  In2Peace seeks to provide opportunities to bring awareness to the ebb and flow of life that affect the mind and body, causing unbalance and dis-ease. However, Peace is always present, and with awakened understanding on how to bring the mind and body into balance through awareness practices, Peace is cultivated and shared.


In2Peace has a unique background that is not only in teaching, but also through experiences both personally and professionally that have provided her diverse opportunities to share in the healing of others.  Monica is a teacher at the heart of who she is, and her work in teaching at the University level began in 1999.  Since this time, she has worked in many different educational institutions, but her longest commitment has been in public education, teaching to Middle School students for the past decade. 

In 2001, Monica was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, stage III fallopian tube cancer in 2016, and discovered she is BRCA I positive.  Both cancers provided her with the opportunity to experience firsthand all that goes into receiving and managing a devastating diagnosis favorably; not just once, but twice.  Monica’s commitment to holistic healing and mind/body awareness began just after her first diagnosis, and although her two cancers were radically different, she handled them both mindfully and peacefully, providing her with the essential mindset to work with her dis-ease as it was already present for her. 

Monica’s combined work in education and her personal experiences prompted her to continue her study of Mindfulness meditation through Mindful Schools.  Through her dedicated practice, she has cultivated a skillset that not only exemplifies skillfulness and knowledge in the practice of Mindfulness, but she also carries the personal experience of managing a critical illness.  Monica’s combined experiences make her an inspiration to others who are in search of ways to come In2Peace

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