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Monica Jayne, Trailblazer of Unabashed Badassery

Monica Jayne is a licensed Sexual Empowerment, Self-Expression, Intimacy, and Relationship Coach that specializes in catalyzing your authentic self-expression, sexual empowerment, sovereignty, and ability to know and communicate for your needs, boundaries, desires and more.


Many of her clients share that working with her is like a Rite of Passage into embodying adulthood to it's fullest potential.


She believes our arousal or our turn-on is our compass pointing us in the directions of what lights us up and make life worth living. She helps her clients clarify their turn-on and discover their own unique erotic nature so they can experience freedom and liberation to be all of who they are.


Her mission is to help people not only know but to communicate their needs and desires clearly both inside and outside the bedroom and to accept themselves as they are by offering full permission, safe space, skills, and education to discover themselves completely.

"Dare to be Unabashedly You!!" ~Monica Jayne

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