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Monar Consulting, Inc.

Monar has a distinct focus on taking individuals and organizations whose competencies are mostly in the informational area of expertise and shaping them to become more creative, innovative problem-solvers. There are three areas in particular that make Monar the organization that it is:

  • Honing right-brain capabilities. Those institutions and individuals that are most valuable are those that can synthesize rather than analyze, show rather than tell, and create rather than strategize. We can give you the tools to begin exercising the half of your brain that houses your creative potential.
  • Building and fostering relationships. Whether it be with the employees of your own organization or with your clients, the ties we forge with others are crucial. Learning to network and keep up with your connections is a necessity, especially because the people you know are the most valuable resource you have. We can teach you to transcend generational gaps, differences in perspective and time constraints to help you make fruitful and lasting connections.
  • Creating self and team awareness. Before you can function effectively, you need to understand how it is that you do function effectively; before you can function effectively in a team, you must understand how you function as an individual. Through assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the DISC, we can give you a sense of you and your teams' abilities as well as the obstacles you must overcome in order to maximize your success.


Monar can help increase your overall success and satisfaction by pushing you forth into the Conceptual Age. Combining these approaches can help you and your organization realize your collective, full potential.

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