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MoNA Life

MoNA is a collective of nature lovers creating a series of Nature Farms in diverse environments all over the world. A Nature Farm is a place where the principles of the MoNA Life are practiced.

Here, our Patrons are Member-Owners who enjoy the freshest and most sustainable foods foraged from our wild gardens, prepared in our collaborative kitchens, and eaten in our many beautiful indoor and outdoor environments.

Our Nature Farms are the perfect place for spending time with family, friends, and friendly free-range farm animals. A full calendar of classes, workshops, and gatherings provide our Member-Owners with an array of opportunities to be inspired and empowered while relaxing and reconnecting with the natural world.

As our community journeys towards a more serene and sustainable lifestyle, we are there for each other every step of the way and always aspire to create a nurturing, judgment-free environment where all feel welcome and all types of diversity are celebrated. Currently, we have a Nature Farm in Las Vegas and are hoping to begin creating a Nature Farm in San Diego soon! Learn more about MoNA at

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