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Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization

Researchers estimated that 562,000 children are living with a parent who is in the early or late stages of cancer treatment. New research shows that 18% of newly diagnosed cancer patients are parents to minor children.


Our mission is to provide support to mothers who are battling life-threatening cancer while raising minor children. Our main objective is to provide this unique group of cancer patients an improved quality of life through peer and community support. 

Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking supporters like you. This is an important and deeply personal mission for the founders. Not only do they have a common passion for helping those in need, but they have also witnessed cancer affect those closest to them.

“The battle against cancer is overwhelming. The myriad of emotions that courses your mind are paralyzing. What you think your life should have looked like immediately collapses. When my wife was diagnosed in 2010 that’s exactly how we felt. I remember a question my wife asked me that completely shattered my soul, “do you think our baby girl will remember me?” I’ve met many patients battling cancer over the years and they all have different stories but the common thread was their incredible courage and their will to live – not to survive but to LIVE. There are incredible organizations that advocates for these heroes fighting cancer but there’s one that truly supported my wife. Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation is run by wonderful, compassionate, and driven group of individuals.” Paul David

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