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To support, promote, and honor the production and presentation of new music and new music technologies. Music is the most important art form, serving communities both local and international. It is the desire of Mmmmaven to see our creative economy grow, thrive, and ultimately, succeed.
Company Overview
As a new music institution, Mmmmaven is part new-era record label, part music making and mixing instruction and part event producer. Our agency serves to promote and push the talented music makers and mixers in the New England region and beyond, flexing our creative might.
Our educational initiative teaches people of all ages the wizardly ways of Ableton, Serato, and a multitude of other innovative ways to make and mix music. Finally, our event branch books "gargantuan" Together Boston and the weekly #MakeItNew party at Middlesex Lounge, in addition to everything in between.

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Cambridge-based talent agency, event producer, and educational institution, serving the world. How can we help you?
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