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Baradi is an aspiring screenwriter who got into event hosting as a way to network with the “ Big Guys and Girls” of Hollywood. As a 16-year old kid in high school he was smitten by the big screen, but as an Asian American (Filipino to be exact) he was disappointed with the lack of diversity on screen. So, he took up writing instead.

He used to write the “best skits” in his English class and won the admiration of fellow students as well as teachers. One of his teachers remarked that Baradi will host SNL one day. “ I’m still waiting for that to happen, but since then I’ve been driven,” he said.

Baradi has come a long way from his days in school. He has been called “Who’s Next in Hollywood” by NXUP Magazine.

Mixknowledgy events Baradi has planned this summer are in Chicago (August 27th hosted by Virgin Hotels) and Los Angeles (September 10th). Baradi’s partner for all the events is Brandon Waites. However, for the New York City event the co-producer is Jacqueline Real. For the Chicago event the co-producers are Maggie Marling and Eric Camacho.


Brandon is an aspiring producer who got into event producing when he met and helped Erman with his prior event in Hollywood. While always having an interest in storytelling, Brandon had multiple opportunities to see Hollywood films be made throughout his life, to include his time in the U.S. military and his interest grew into production.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, he earned his degree in business management and is currently pursuing his MA in film & television production with a concentration in producing. He has interned with Hollywood producer Chris Bender of Good Fear Film + Management, formerly of Benderspink.


The duo creates high level Hollywood entertainment events that is quickly growing. They've recently been attached as producers to Gunhand and Subliminal.  They are also negotiating other deals for films in development with award winning filmmakers.


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