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--- Thurs & Friday - February 6th & 7th, 2020 - Vampire Valentines

Red light everywhere, old school Goth club favorites, with vampire movies/media on the screens. Mistress Zeneca will be doing a vampire roleplay kink class.

---Thurs & Friday - March 19th & 20th, 2020 - Roaring '20s Speakeasy

Not much club decor since the place is already a lounge, music selections spanning Big Band, Blues, and Jazz performers that clubs of the era were too bigoted to take seriously. The Thursday will be entirely themed with music and have a dance instructor teaching dances of the past. Friday might be a Cherry Noir 'Classic' night with no theme.


---Thurs & Friday - April 30th & May 1st, 2020 - Back to the Retro-Future

Blacklight Dystopian 80s party with an instrumental sci-fi action-adventure sound. This party was so good we're bringing it back. Now with ONLY 80s commercials on the TV screens 'Demolition Man' style and a Back to the Future flair. Friday will be a blacklight glow party in a standard glowstick madness style with much less dystopia.


---SATURDAY PARTY!! - May 30th, 2020 - Party at the LARGER BRAND NEW VENUE

This venue location is our 2nd and is 13,000 sq feet. The location has two pool tables and enough room to do whatever you care to do. This is a swank location that Cherry Noir is proud to offer NON-GENDERED PRICING of $20/person to come to any party at this venue.


---SATURDAY PARTY!! - July 11th, 2020 - Party at the LARGER BRAND NEW VENUE

We continue the excitement with our 2nd Sat event of the year. Tell your friends and grab the gang to fill this space with our own brand of weirdness.


---Thurs & Friday - July 30th & 31st, 2020 - Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Dance Hits of the 90s with R&B and rap music videos (as many as we can find) and MTV segments back when they still played music. This party is a love letter to the 90s with snap bracelets galore. Friday will be a Cherry Noir 'Classic' party with some 90s playlist spillover.


---Thurs & Friday - Sept. 10th & 11th, 2020 - Primal Passion
Lots of music to inspire the beast within you. Music spanning international realms with barely a song sung in English. We're talking Mongolian throat singing, battle cries, haka chants, Viking war songs, native beats, etc. The feeling of the music is more important here. Friday will be a Cherry Noir 'Classic' night.


---FRIDAY & SATURDAY - Nov. 6th & 7th - "What about 2nd Halloween?" a Cherry Noir Haunted Mansion party at the LARGER BRAND NEW VENUE

The Friday night will be a private party LGBTQ Halloween party. Followed by a Sat. night Cherry Noir 2nd Halloween event. It's the last party of the year and that means we DO IT UP!!! At $20/person for either day - this is an amazing night out.


(Get your spot on the RSVP list below - Party RSVP lists open approx. one month before each event - You will NOT be able to get a ticket from each of the party pages UNTIL the tickets open up on the date that the event page specifies. *Non-RSVP'd guests pay club's regular price)


Mistress Zeneca is a Geeky, BDSM and Kink event organizer in the Philadelphia area, specializing in providing unique kink experiences. She is the organizer of Cherry Noir, Philly's Longest-running BDSM Club & Swingers Event, The Villain's Ball, a costumed BDSM Play Party, and formerly Sacri-Delicious, a religious-themed event, among others. Her events range from themed movie marathons, weekly game nights, immersion experiences, sex-positive play parties, and upscale High Protocol Dinners. All her events are appropriate for the curious, the beginner, and the experienced alike. She is a self-proclaimed "Ambassador of Love" welcoming everyone in Philadelphia who wish to learn more on their journey of self-discovery. Her team of Ambassadors extend her warm welcome to everyone during the events and ensure the safety of all who attend. She teaches a variety of kink topics and is always down to talk about one of her favorite topics - Zombies.


Mistress Zeneca Events

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