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Mistress Harley is a well known Professional Domme, Financial Domme and master of high tech control and high tech domination. Known by her title The Techdomme® she has been featured in the international press as an innovator and "the most recogniable public face of findom" according to the International Business Times. She is known for her skills in Financial Domination and High Tech Domination. 

Mistress Harley now offers a variety of classes and consults for WOMEN ONLY looking to start in Financial Domination or as a Professional Domme. 

"She has become the most regoninzable public face of findom"
"This enterprising young woman is revolutionizing what it means to work from home."
"After five years of working as a project manager, Mistress Harley decided to leave her career in tech to pursue her new found interest. She noticed there was a gap in the market and used her technical knowledge, gained from her master's degree in library science and information technology, to start her own business."
"Mistress Harley is a new breed of dominatrix. Instead of physically controlling her clients' bodies, she earns thousands of pounds a day without even meeting them. Welcome to the world of 21st century submission..."
Reveal "Real Lives". Reveal Magazine, June 14th, 2016. United Kingdom. In PRINT.
"Harley has access to intimate details about Jerry, his spending habits, and his personal conversations. She even knows a lot about his friends from when they unknowingly divulge gossip in emails or texts. If information is power, then Mistress Harley has all the power."
"The phenomenon tech Domination is still new and the scene...The increasing interconnectedness of the world and the resulting ability to be online to do business expected to grow in power, however, quickly."


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