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Miss Bret Townsend

She's a Lean, not-so-mean, Training Machine.

Miss Bret Townsend is Chief Strategist of SavvyPro Freelance llc, a Strategy Consulting Firm based in Decatur, GA.  She specializes in Brand Strategy, Content Creation, and Professional Development Training. She boasts of 12 years of real-world training experience in various environments to different audiences. True trainers have a unique skill set. Not everyone can train or keep an audience engaged, but Bret does! Her style is impactful, interactive and assertive. She has found her own way to deliver much- needed knowledge and concepts in a different environment and on her own terms!

 Why you should attend a Savvy Workshop

- Increase process efficiencies
- Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
- Increase strategy innovation
- Increase knowledge and awareness of various issues
- Improve skills and comprehension

Let's LEARN!

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