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Mish Weaver

Mish Weaver is a Director, Choreographer and Designer, who runs Stumble (danceCircus) making live Circus performance and film.

Mish has taught in prisons, schools, hospitals, universities, was a trainer for Circus Kathmandu in Nepal and taught for Epic Arts and Phare in Cambodia. Weaver has an MA in Performance Studies (Choreography with Scenography) from Bretton Hall.

In 1998 Mish made her first 'serious' show,  Riding The Storm, which was  about unstable environments, extremes and changes in weather.  This theme carried on in Stumble's first  show (2008) An Evening of Instability, which was about unstable minds and environments.  Mish has made performances about Bipolar Disorder, Mental illhealth, Climate Change Psychology.  With Tina Carter she investigated Palestinian  grief in Return Journey, with  Claire  Cunningham Mish was part of research into Landmines in Cambodia., for Cunningham's Pink Mist. Mish volunteered with Circus Kathmandu, in  Nepal in 2013.

Since relocating to Bristol, Weaver has been Circus Director for Show of Strength’s Walking the Chains, directed research and development Mother Mother for Alice Ellerby, and recently directed Measure of Breath for Feel it Festival. Mish currently teaches Circus Theatre at Circomedia on the Fda and BA courses, and directed two first year student shows for them.

It was with the research and development for a potential project Parade of Horribles that Mish started realising how  limited live performance has become in the battle to attract funding and tours, and that actually her desire was not just to make shows and try and get audiences to see them, but rather to try and stimulate reactions in audiences, and to enter into debate as a result of performance material.  Circus as Activism.  In this symposium Mish hopes to draw together those who are interested in looking at the potential for direct action or resonance as a result of circus activity.   It is not about the history of protest, nor a survey of who is making 'serious' work, but a foray into what is effective, useful, meaningful out there at the moment  and what is possible. What are the strengths and values that Circus can bring to the political climate?

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