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Mindfulness in the Heartland

Mindfulness in the Heartland provides education and training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other mindfulness-based interventions. We offer instruction, classes, workshops, presentations, and community practice opportunities. The emphasis of our professional work is to foster mindfulness within the realms of parenting, the family, educational settings and the workplace.
Mindfulness in the Heartland was founded by Amy Zoe Schonhoff, a mother, writer and mindfulness teacher. Amy’s life has been significantly influenced by a personal mindfulness practice for over twenty-five years. She is a qualified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the UMass Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness, a trained Mindful Schools Educator and has received additional instruction in Mindful and Compassionate Communication.
To support the deepening of practice for people living in the Midwest, Amy currently serves as the Vice President of Mid America Dharma, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Insight Meditation available in the central region of the United States.
Of one thing we are certain, we cannot genuinely experience the joy of life without also accepting its moments of sorrow; because they are two faces of the same coin. Fundamentally, we are all naturally creative, resourceful and house the answers to our innermost needs. Mindfulness practices bring us home to this truth, time and time again.
It is our intention to inspire you to live as if every moment matters—to encourage you to bravely lean into life’s challenges—relinquishing attachments to what “should be” for the sake of what is, and ultimately, to live more joyfully—with compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

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