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Mikki Sage + Ashley Walsh

The Chocolate Invitational is a series of events sincerely dedicated to sharing the love of all things Chocolate. We have partnered with Intentional Chocolate, helmed by Ashley Walsh, who will be giving us delightful and meditational tastings … elevating our senses with the purest notes of Chocolate. Intentional Chocolate begins with simple gestures, offerings of joy, and a recipe that has been crafted with positive intentions.

We will incorporate a fresh stylish approach, with special themes, culinary bites, art + photography, music, and a variety of samples, to enhance the experience. We believe your enjoyment of Chocolate is heavily influenced by the atmosphere around you.
Our events will be sophisticated, tasteful, and secluded. We like the idea of “private, intimate gathering”...  Try a few chocolate tastings.... then relax, chatting with friends or meeting someone new who’d like to share a Chocolate story with you. It’s a way to enjoy Chocolate the way it should be... amongst friends, old and new.

MIkki Sage and Ashley Walsh first
bonded over their great passion and altruistic awareness of Chocolate, and thus was born the idea of The Chocolate Invitational. Their successful launch of the first Chocolate Invitational, sponsored by Intentional Chocolate in June 2012, showcased the entrance of this concept into the festival circuit in a delicious way with a sold out event in Venice. This was the first of many tastemaker events for The Chocolate Invitational

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