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Migrants Scotland


- Allow migrant voices to be heard.
- Show solidarity with migrant communities and migrant organisations in Edinburgh.
- Celebrate multicultural Edinburgh.
- Promote and raise awareness about the contributions past and present of immigrants to the UK, Scotland and Edinburgh.
- Support migrant communities and promote the work of migrant organisations.
- Unite against racism, xenophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric and stand against the division, regardless of political affiliation.
- Provide a stepping stone for the public, volunteers and new activists to participate in the work of allied organisations.
- Provide social networks between allied organisations.
- Support migrant engagement in developing the policies and procedures which affect their lives in Scotland and in the UK.
- Develop a diverse network of migrants and migrant community organisations (MCOs).
- Build bridges across sectors and interests.
- Promote awareness of migrants voting rights. 
- Promote the cross integration of different migrants groups.
- Promote migrant visibility in local communities and workplace.

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