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Midori and Friends


The mission of Midori & Friends is to inspire children through music.

We believe that when children are inspired, the very experience of learning—and, in turn, of teaching—is transformed. Inspired children pay attention. They enjoy gaining new knowledge. They ask questions and use their imaginations. They are eager to accomplish new things. In short, inspired children become passionate learners—and this is a transformation that will reap benefits for the rest of their lives. They will grow up with greater confidence and life satisfaction, and they will likely go on to earn significantly more as a result of their access to more professional options.


There is a difference between rote, enforced learning and passionate, engaged, desired learning. This is the meaningful difference that Midori & Friends programs make for our city’s students.





We offer long-term, school-based programs that provide children with opportunities to play instruments, sing, discover multicultural music traditions, and express themselves creatively. By engaging in substantive partnerships with schools—forming and maintaining relationships with principals, educators, students, and parents—we create and implement school-wide visions for customized, multi-year music programs. These programs strengthen each school’s infrastructure, thereby enhancing student learning and promoting youth development. Every program integrates the benchmarks and goals of the NYC Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.


The Midori & Friends suite of in-school programs includes:

            Adventures in Making Music: long-term, skills-based vocal and instrumental residencies

            First Adventures in Sound and Adventures in Sound: music fundamentals residencies for young


            Musical Immersions and the Adventure Concert Series: concerts integrated with workshops that
                        introduce students of all ages to global artists and traditions


All Midori & Friends programs are offered at no cost to participating students.

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