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Midlands Retail Forum

Welcome to the Midlands Retail Forum!

The Midlands Retail Forum (MRF) is an online and in-person business networking, development and peer-to peer support platform for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality based businesses within the West Midlands.

Why a Midlands Retail Forum?

We noticed a distinct lack of expert support, development and networking opportunities for business owners within these particular sectors that we serve. We truly believe that the way forward for the success and growth of our businesses is through genuine sharing and support where we can learn from each, bring opportunities to the table for each other, perhaps even partner up with each other and in turn experience growth within our own businesses as well. This forum has been created to serve you and your businesses in every aspect and you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

The MRF forum has been set up and is run by a consortium of partners made up of local businesses with ties to the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality sectors;

Who can join?

Anyone with a business in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors.

Perhaps you run a retail business with fixed premises or perhaps solely an online retail business. Perhaps you run a grocery store or are a wholesaler.

Perhaps you run a gym or a leisure centre or you own a restaurant or are in the catering trade. No matter how big or small your business is, as long as your business comes under any of the above sectors, you are welcome to join.

How does it work? The Do’s and Don’ts!

First things first, the MRF Facebook group is free to join. We have planned meet up events during the year for us to network in person and build strong networks. For these events, there will be a ticket price and these details will be confirmed as an when. However, for the Facebook group, it’s free to join, network, develop and support.

  • Do share information, your challenges

  • Do ask questions

  • Do participate and if you’re shy, you’re welcome to send us a PM and we’ll be happy to put forward your question to the group anonymously

  • Do Respect other members within the forum. You may not agree with others’ opinions which is fine but please respect each other and each others’ right to different opinions

  • Do invite other retail, leisure and hospitality businesses to join

  • No discrimination / -isms

  • Don’t fill the timeline with motivational quotes - if there is valuable context or a story behind it, please share that with the quote otherwise no motivational quotes please.

  • Don’t self-promote. There will be opportunities for you to promote your businesses and we will let you know of these opportunities each time. Anytime outside of that however, please respect the forum rules. Outside of the opportunities we provide for you to self-promote, we are happy for you to add your links to your posts as long as that post has valuable content and is not a self-promotion post. If at any point you are unsure, please feel free to contact any of the admin members and run your post past us.

Finally, we welcome you to MRF and look forward to forging long-lasting working relationships with everyone.

We ask that you refrain from advertising your businesses or spamming the Facebook forum with self-promotion. This forum is to encourage and provide learning and growth opportunities.


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