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Michiko Riezz

Hi, My name is Michiko Riezz I work with Women all around the World. As You coach, I make it my destiny to make sure you reach your Dreams.
I am Married to the most wonderful man on the Planet, he is not only my Husband he is my Lover my Best friend and my Partner for over 15 years. We were not always this Happy and we really went through some Rough times. Despite all the Stones put in our way we overcame all Hurdles. Together we grow as one and raised like a Phoenix. We have two wonderful children our daughter is 9 and our son is 14.
I know what it is like to have a Relationship Crisis or Minimum to no Self-love, I also know what is like to not know what to do with one's life. I made it my Life`s Goal to help Women Live the Life they have always Dreamed of.
As a qualified Love & Relationship Coach, I have combined my qualifications, training, experience and extensive people development skills to enable clients to achieve the following:
  • Get more focus, direction, and purpose
  • Manage their time better and work more effectively
  • Appreciate and acknowledge their skills, abilities, and achievements
  • Feel more confident, positive and optimistic
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Review their Relationship Goals
  • Clarify their values and understand what is important to them
  • Achieve a successful relationship
  • Be the person they want to be
I truly believe that everyone can benefit from Love & Relationship Coaching; after all, who wouldn’t want someone devoted to them, their goals, providing support in a non-judgmental way and encouraging and motivating them to be the person they want to be. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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