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Michigan Massage and Wellness

Rebecca Tamm is the owner/operator of Michigan Massage and Wellness where we are in the business of fixing things.  Headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis and more.  We don’t believe in a ‘one massage fits all’ cookie cutter approach as everyone’s bodies are different and have different problems so they require different solutions.  While there are a lot of massage facilities in the area, we are confident that when you choose Michigan Massage and Wellness the personalized service and attention to details is what sets us apart from our competition.  As an independently owned and operated small business since 2004, we are constantly working to keep our approach on the cutting edge of what will best serve you, the client.  While we are not a fancy spa setting, nor are we part of a franchise where you can get a massage that will make you question why it’s so cheap, we are excited to be offering treatments that very few places in the area are offering, including our variety of movement and stretch classes and workshops including Yoga Tune Up®, LifeStretch, Roll and Relax and more.  

While we would love to have you come into the office for a massage when you are aching, we understand that it's not in everyones schedule or budget. That is why we are so passionate about teaching everyone we can the art of targeted self care! This is a unique approach that factors in your personal goals, time and struggles into creating a plan for self care that will work for you.

This is NOT just your typical yoga flow class. This is WAY MORE than just a theoretical, no-skills self care workshop. This is body-transforming, problem-solving, educational and FUN work that will give you the tools to level up your self care game and tackle your problems head on as soon as they start to become a problem.  You only get one body. Treat it right.

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