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Michael Gelbart, LCSW

Michael Gelbart is an integrative psychotherapist and relationship guide. In practice for over thirty years, Michael draws on a wealth of experience, resources and practices to guide people through conflict into intimacy and peaceful resolution. He helps people shift harmful stories into more helpful ones! Michael specializes in mindfulness-based forgiveness work, addiction recovery, emotional self-regulation, trauma resolution, conflict mediation, holistic wellness and communication effectiveness.

*Develop your abilities for mindful, focused attention

* Clarify your vision, intentions and priorities

*Cultivate greater calm and emotional balance

*Develop healthier, more functional boundaries

*Overcome addiction patterns and develop more balanced lifestyle

*Discover and amplify your resiliency and resourcefulness

*Leverage your willingness to grow with clearer direction and more passionate commitment

* Ground your capacities for transforming old trauma and grievance patterns in your nervous system

*Learn the skills necessary to successfully navigate your intimacy triggers

*Become more confident and capable in your intimate, crucial conversations

*Shift old, dysfunctional patterns and beliefs into more helpful narratives






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