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Miami Takeover LLC

Miami Takeover LLC’s signature event is the Annual Miami Takeover Weekend which is in its’ 13th year and has been well positioned to be the signature yearly travel event/destination for many travelers. The Miami Takeover is aimed to provide its participants the opportunity to see South Beach through the clear vision of a South Beach native/promoter instead of through the blurred sight of a first-time visitor. Miami Takeover attracts over 2,000 guests from all over the US with visionary mindsets that see the potential growth in Miami. The annual weekend brings together urban professionals looking to enhance their professional network, all while enjoying the shores of South Beach and giving back to the booming city. There are events to ease the mind of our guests and allow them to relax for the weekend after all the hard work that they do. The weekend is also packed with nightlife pleasures, comedy shows, pool parties , celebrity guests and community service projects. 

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