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Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust (MDEAT)

The Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust is committed to ensuring the equitable participation of Blacks in Miami-Dade County's economic growth through advocacy and monitoring of economic conditions and economic development initiatives in Miami-Dade County.

Prosperous neighborhoods are made of citizens that have equal access to the necessities that can assist them with changing their current condition and begin creating a better quality of life.

All citizens should have equal access to

  • economic development funds,
  • adequate education,
  • fairness in the criminal justice system,
  • availability of funds for business ventures and/or employment opportunities,
  • affordable health care,
  • decent housing, and
  • the sensitivity of the public and private sectors to bring about the systemic change necessary to quell the illusion of inclusion.

Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust is providing part of the solution to mobilizing Miami-Dade's black community!

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