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Mexican American Business & Professional Association




Prioritizing access, advocacy and prosperity for all San Diego Communities.


MABPA’s robust membership actualizes its mission with an informed focus on Business, Education, Community Leadership, and the Legislative domain.




The Mexican American Business & Professional Association was formed in 1978 with one primary objective: to create a voice for Latinos in San Diego, encouraging Latino civic engagement with the intention of systematically changing the City’s political climate to include Latino leadership at the highest levels of government and policy review boards, and as such, to effectively influence the decisions being made that affect the quality of life in the Latino community.


MABPA has achieved its successful track record by embracing and celebrating the natural diversity in our region, and by ensuring diversity among decision makers, shedding light on the concerns of our otherwise underserved communities.


Initially, MABPA members were exclusively Latino; however that quickly changed since our purpose is universal.   Over the decades, the association has become all-inclusive and continues to welcome any professional or business-oriented individuals seeking to improve our San Diego Region by extending access and opportunity to all San Diego Communities, specifically in the areas of business, education, community/leadership and legislative representation.


The core and strength of MABPA is the result of the many professionals who make up the organization. MABPA is comprised of successful business, professional and community leaders that specialize in a variety of professions, such as: education, business, medicine, law, finance, engineering, science, communications and public affairs. MABPA prides itself on the success of its members and utilizes their leadership and influence to implement positive change in the community.




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