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Melody Watts



As a wellness mentor I’ve come to deeply appreciate the effectiveness of alternative solutions. In consulting thousands of individuals and organizations, I’ve seen the positive impact that comes by helping others find practical, natural ways to enhance their health and well-being.

 Along with many indelible experiences in the lives of associates, perhaps most profound for me personally has been my own battle with an auto-immune condition called hashimoto's thyroiditis. Years of struggle, sickness, pain, and lack of results with mainstream medicine became a catalyst for me to explore solutions for my health. I suffered for decades with symptoms related to immune system deficiencies such as headaches, IBS, candida, food allergies, hives, and other debilitating conditions. Eventually, I was able to identify root causes, followed by natural solutions that began reversing the damage aggravated by years of traditional treatment to my feeble immune system.

I’ve invested years scrutinizing, experimenting and researching alternative methods to provide support to the immune system. I have realized great successes in utilizing Chirorapctic,  functional medicine, energy work, and other alternative methods. After consulting thousands of people through their own healing journey, I have learned that solutions, needs, and healing responses vary by individual. However, there are methods with universal application that offer incredibly beneficial healing. I’ve been inspired by the consistent results from Chiropractic, detoxification, intestinal healing, emotional clearing, removing toxic chemicals from surroundings, and other common sense practices. In my clinical and training experience, the best results have come by making nervous system function, digestion, organ function, emotional stress, chemical stress, lymphatic, endocrine balancing a first priority in creating better health and vitality.  These are the building blocks, inextricably connected to our health. I seek to help people find the body and mind healing connection, and mentor them to achieve optimum health. 

The body is a beautifully designed self-healing machine. My vision is to increase understanding of the importance of being mindful of what goes into the body, including thoughts and emotions.

I believe there can be a powerful symbiotic union within one's emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Thus, my philosophy encompasses a truly holistic approach to complete wellness.

Years of experience working with holistic healthcare practitioners and mentoring those with health concerns have given me wide perspective, for which I am indebted to some of the greatest mentors in the wellness field.

My hope is that my wellness journey, together with extensive professional experience can bring you the answers you seek.

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