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Melissa Shrader Macaroni Kid Fort Collins/Loveland

Who and What is Fort Collins & Loveland Macaroni Kid? 

Fort Collins & Loveland Macaroni Kid are FREE weekly E-Newsletters FULL of events for parents/guardians to take their kids 0-12+ to. I collect events from around the area and put them into a calendar so parents/guardians have SEVERAL events a day to choose from. I also do articles on local topics, parent topics, crafts, games, recipes etc. I do guides of The best places to go ice skating, Where to find Santa,  Easter Egg hunts, Easter Services, Easter Brunches, Firework Displays, and so on. Almost every holiday has a craft, recipe and guide associated with it! 

Who does the newsletter? Melissa has a very diverse background from being a Project manager, Interior Designer with several local companies to being a Mom & Artist. She's been described as very organized and a creative thinker. She loves to bring content to the community that will help make the lives of the local community easier and simpler and more fulfilling. 

"Spend your time so that you have not regrets for yourself and the time you spent with your family."

Use Macaroni Kid for your family time and enrichment, to entertain, educate and exhaust your kids!

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