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Wellness professional, alt country singer-songwriter and mother of three, Meg Berry, grew up in a multi-racial and multicultural household, one in which moving to three different continents and attending 13 schools in the span of 14 years was the norm. Lucky for Meg, being a highly-adaptable, genuine people-person kind of came with the territory. The icing on the cake? Her diverse background led to a life of creativity and artistic expression.


Meg is the proud owner of Artful Body, a South Orange, New Jersey-based studio that, in addition to classical pilates, now offers Tantra Core in person and online. The studio’s mantra – Create Your Health, Create Yourself – is aimed at setting an artful standard of self-connection and beauty. Meg specializes in pre and post-natal pilates and has a profound interest in working with premarital couples, women transitioning at any stage of life, individuals who must thrive in high-pressure environments, as well as people affected by post-traumatic stress disorder.


Long drawn to tantra and the desire to make it accessible and effective to everyone seeking health and vitality, Meg never anticipated that studying the ancient practice would help her overcome her PTSD and body dysmorphia. But for the first time, after studying tantra, she was able to look herself in the mirror, utter and fully believe these three vital words: “I love myself.”


Learning the ancient practice of tantra also compelled Meg to author a highly personal one-woman play, “No Shame: My Life In Tantra,” which documents how she utilized tantra to heal from the personal trauma of violence and depression. Through her performance, Meg invites audiences to heal as well, both individually and collectively. Through this work, in addition to one-on-one coaching and wellness retreats, Meg finds great joy in being able to offer the tools that will work for those who are passionate about seeking answers and those who have the courage to change.


Meg is a grateful graduate of Harvard University as well as both of Psalm Isadora’s certification programs, Venus Code and Metamorphosis, and has been honored to serve as a lead trainer for Psalm Isadora.


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