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Meek Entertainment & PR is an Independent Production Company/PR Firm based in Los Angeles, Ca, Independently producing Live/Stage Events, Talent Showcases, Shorts,TV and Film projects and other media from 1998-present. Meek Entertainment & PR's mission is to tell compelling stories that empower, educate, and entertain you about forgiveness, love, redemption and family and leave the audience with a positive message whether the project be faith-based or a universal theme. Our slate of projects include: Live Event Production and PR, Webisodes, Reality TV, Situational Comedies, Sketch Comedy, Stageplays (Dramedies), Feature Films, Books, and Music. 




The Founder/CEO of Meek Entertainment & PR- Tymeka Coney's vision is to inspire and excel others lives mentally, emotionally and spiritually through creativity. She would like to create jobs through all of the projects that she has created and developed as well as continue to form partnerships with other entities to help bring their visions to life through Writing/Production.




Founder/CEO- Tymeka Coney 

Producing Partner- Lemo Coney



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