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Mediums at Large


Mediums at Large is a spirit inspired collaboration of three friends. Gina Barry, Kathi Munson, and Kim Watts are Psychic Mediums, who have trained together with nationally known mediums and solidified their bond during spiritual journeys here and abroad. 

The mission of Mediums of Large is to prove the continuity of life through evidential mediumship.  They will connect with your loved ones and bring forth detailed information, which may include physical characteristics, personality traits, life details, fond memories and the like. In most cases, each connection finishes with a special message for you from your loved one. It is their hope that these messages will comfort you and assure you that your loved ones continue to watch over you.  

About the Mediums

Kim Watts, Gina Barry & Kathi Muson are Psychic/Mediums who have trained together with nationally known mediums and have solidified their bond during spiritual journeys here and abroad.

Kim Watts - On Kim's 4th birthday, she recalls a profound experience. She realized that she was born into this world but she did not understand the magnitude of that event. In her early teens and throughout high school, Kim experienced prophetic dreams. Kim struggled while finding her way in life, and her journey was often difficult. Still, she knew the had a greater purpose and began studying metaphysics. As an adult, Kim suffered a life altering illness that she now refers to as her awakening. At that time, her mediumistic gifts became so profound that she could no longer ignore her empathetic nature and he spiritual realm. Today, Kim's journey has led her to help others, promoting healing and growth. She has helped her clients come closer to understanding their true self and assisted them with finding their life's path. Kim feels that opening your heart and mind to experience pure love is the foundation for healing and growth. Kim is known for her compassion and humor, both of which help her clients feel comfortable and safe during their session. Kim invites you to explore, discover your true self, and experience the true beauty of life.

Gina Berry - Gina is a psychic medium, who realls mediumistic experiences as a child. In addition to having many "imaginary friends", who she now understands were Spirits, she was a child who provided ghost tours in her neighborhood. Upon starting school, Gina found that her abilities made her different, and she stopped using them in order to feel accepted. After the death of a close family member, Gina could no longer deny her gifts. At that time, she sought out formal training for her natural abilities. Gina has trained with nationall and internationally known mediums and has attended the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. Gina works primarily with clairaudience ("hearing"), clairvoyance ("seeing"), and clairsentience ("feeling") to provide evidential mediumistic readings. She provides evidence and messages from your loved ones on the other side with the hope of fostering healing and showing that life after death does exist.

Kathi Munson - Kathi always knew that she was never alone. She has been aware of and connecting those in spirit since she was very young. Then, as an adult, she experienced a life-changing event that motivated her to connect more intensely not only to her intuitive self, but also with those on the other side. In an effort to strengthen her psychic and mediumsitic abilities, and inspired by her desire to serve the greater good, Kathi began training with some of the most respected teachers here in the United States and abroad, including attending the Arthur Findlay Collage in Stansted, England. Kathi provides messages with respect, love and integrity in service to you and those on the other side. Kathis is also well known for her ability to connect with animals that have crossed over. Kathi strives to bring forth evidential, loving messages that serve the highest and greatest good for all connected.


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