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Medium Máirín

Hello. I'm Máirín. And yes, I'm a Medium.Yes, I’m a Medium. And so are you. And no, we are not “crazy.” We all have spiritual abilities – experiences beyond our understanding or others’ definitions of ‘normal.’ We’re born this way.
“Inexplicable” psychic ability by any name is, inexorably, REAL. 
We feel someone beside us … but turn to find no one there. We dream about someone who’s passed … and, years later, our mind’s eye can still see every indelible detail. We intuitively stop for a changing traffic light … only then to see a police car on the corner! We just Know that someone will call or that something has happened or that “I’ve been here before.” And yes, sometimes we “see dead people” (as the movie line goes).†

“Wonderful! You truly engaged the ladies‎, making it far from ‘dry’ … moved by your stories … taught us positive meanings to otherwise ordinary vocabulary: value, precious….” —President, Chicago-area Woman’s Club

Máirín’s influencing Thought for decades.
 One-to-one or -to-3,000. Live, via eMeeting, by phone … captivating conferences, Fortune-50 boardrooms, brain-boosting workshops … empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, sales stars, author wannabes … UPlifting Love, Life, Health, Vocations, YOUR Gifts.


“Poised. Polished. Professional. SPOT ON….”

Máirín draws from world-renowned SMExpertise.
 Enlivening podcasts & radio shows. Surprising conferencing Millennials. UP-ing EQ and Mediumship @MediumMairin. Blowing Minds as The Brain Whisperer™ @BettysLove. Drawing from award-winning professional successes. Pondering in Mairin’s Musings™ at
What do YOU want to explore? Heaven? Love? Life? Brains? Biz? “Success” – by what definition? Your Gifts? Yes, YOURS. We ALL can experience The Divine. Yes, YOU. Right NOW. HERE – there – wherever you are. 


Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™

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