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Medical Education Advising


"Helping premed students and IMGs achieve their career dream!"

Your first step in your journey to become a doctor in the USA or Canada starts with us! We are the only North American institution to have complete course programs and advising services from high school to residency matching. 
We offer premed, postbaccalaureate, and prerequisite courses for medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, optometry school application, NACOCE, MCCQE, and USMLE residency matching and job ready courses for IMGs. Our students have been accepted into top medical, dental, and pharmacy schools in Canada, USA, and abroad. 
​For the past 20 years we have also provided expert advice to pre-med students and IMGs, as well as consulting services to schools interested in recruiting students from Canada.


Programs for Pre-med and Pre-health students

MEA created the first premed / prerequisite / postbaccalaureate program in Canada. We provide the best premed program and the only postbaccalaureate program in Canada with direct acceptance into partner schools. In Canada we deliver our programs in partnership with Evergren College in Toronto (downtown campus).

  • ​Pre-med diploma program
    Our 92 credit premed program offers high school graduates direct acceptance into medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary and other professional schools. Our multiple agreements guarantee acceptance and a great choice of programs. You can also transfer our 90 credit program into the 3rd year of BSc. in USA.​
  • Postbaccalaureate/prerequisite credit program
    The postbaccalaureate and pre-requisite program enables students to fulfill admission requirements of our partner schools, to study for MCAT, while also increasing their GPA. Our prerequisite courses are verified by AMCAS and AACOMAS and accepted by over 110 universities in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, and Caribbean.
  • Application advising
    We provide expert advice and involve you in over 40 CV building projects to turn your compliant application into a stellar one! ​
  • Medical school summer camp
    Join us and start your application, learn about medicine, participate in extracurricular, biomedical, and leadership activities and have fun.
  • Free workshops attended yearly by thousands of students.


Programs for international medical graduates


MEA created the first comprehensive program for IMGs that allows you to build up your application, take qualifying courses or prepare for a job.

  • Application advising and CV building for all parts of application and over 40  projects designed to enrich your CV! 
  • Residency matching exams MCCEE, MCCQE1,2, USMLE1-3, NAC-OSCE, CDM, CSA, IELTS/TOEFL, CASPer.
  • From IMG to employment certificates- high demand short courses to obtain rewarding jobs such as the clinical research certificate
  • Free workshops​ attended yearly by thousands of IMGs.​


We are the only advising group who will not only help you present a winning application but also offer you the oppportunity to participate in over 40 CV building projects designed to enrich your CV, create for you a competitive advantage, and turn your compliant application into a stellar one as well as glorious reference letters! Our unique collaborative and mentorship environment is enhanced by our unique workshops attended monthly by hundreds of students and collaboration with various courses and groups at University of Toronto aimed at increasing student learning experience. Over the last decade we have created a new standard in education counseling! Our team includes Ivy League admission experts, PhD and MD, JDD from USA and Canada whose expertise will help you get into your desired program. Over the years we have helped thousands of students and IMGs from cities across Ontario, Canada, and beyond reach their career aspirations from.




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