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As a business owner or entrepreneur you need to know how to present yourself in the media. Whether you are appearing in a video about your business, giving an interview on TV or radio; or you are a guest speaker at a live event. Having the ability to dynamically present your message is invaluable.

Learn | Practice | Grow | Network

Media Prep Group is an educational presentation and workshop group that prepares business owners and entrepreneurs to present themselves, their businesses, their products and services to the media. By aligning ourselves with experts in Media Training, Video Production, Public Relations, Marketing, Public Speaking and much more we are able to educate, prepare and build the confidence of our members.

With Media Prep Group you will...

Look Better | Sound Better | Be More Confident | Feel More Relaxed | Be Better Prepared

We will present experts who will educate you on topics such as...

  • How to develop your personal voice
  • How to write you Media Pitch
  • Techniques to relax in front of the camera
  • What to expect during an interview
  • How to speak in sound bites
  • How to optimize your video to appear higher in search engines results
  • How to prepare press releases
  • How to get TV and Magazine interviews
  • and much more...

If you want to be prepared for the media, then this is the group for you.

In addition to educational workshops and presentations brought to you by experts, there will be Video Practice Sessions where can take the information you will learn from our expert presenters and put it right into effect. Practice building your confidence in front of the camera. Get immediate feedback, participate in mock interviews, plus you get a copy of the video for you to review.

If you are interested in growing yourself and taking your business to the next level. We are here to help prepare you so join us today.


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