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Max Health Chiropractic


The people of Max Health Chiropractic are on a mission to help relieve unnecessary human suffering, disease, and early death through the 5 core, essential principles of health. With these principles of Maximized Living, a lot of sick people get well. And... the well people stay well.

Maximized Mind: Understanding the true principles of health &
healing; Creating a mindset of success
Maximized Nerve Supply: Restoring & maintaining proper function
of the nervous system through spinal correction
Maximized Nutrition: Nutritional science that sustains well-being,
disease prevention & ideal weight
Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle: Cutting edge exercise programs
that work to facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time
Minimized Toxins: Supporting the body’s own ability to permanently
remove toxins

With three locations in the greater Milwaukee area (Brookfield, Hales Corners, & Waukesha), our highly trained teams are here to help you get results with your health by getting to the cause of your condition.

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