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Maurice 'Big Mo' Flynn

Based on my recent roles and remit - plus constant debates with other experts - I am arguably one of the UK/EMEA leaders in our progress to develop the right approach to process, people & tech/data, allowing brands to develop a "master algo", enabling (very) narrow AI for cross channel marketing predictions of "next best action". And if that means nothing to you, dont worry to much ... for maybe a year or two! :) Based on 30 years of devising and implementing my own integrated approach for moving traditional enterprises thru the waves of marketing/retail/sales/service related digital transformation eg since 2000 alone: web/CMS, mobile, online ads, SEO, e-commerce, social media, UX/customer services, programmatic and now real time prediction down to SCV ie very narrow AI. I've also always been a very analytical marketer from 10 years in fmcg, when McKinsey was reorganising that industry and direct marketing was taking off, even at Heinz! Previous to that did my MEng thesis in Bayesian probability and operations research so happy to see those get popular again. Experienced with most of the big marketing clouds, web CMS's, social media and ad platforms. And if you've read all that then PM me as we must have lots in common! :)

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