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In 2017 I received a diagnosis of MS. The type of MS I have is Primary Progressive, and the number of lesions in my Brain and Spinal Cord are considered severe.  
Initially, I experienced fear, frustration, and the sickening feeling that there is no known cure according to Western Medicine.
The options you have for MS is Immune Suppressant Therapy that does not cure the disease it only controls the symptoms
, and this is only 25% effective.  
Before being diagnosed, God, Universe, Spirit or whatever else you use for the higher good, brought a book into my life. I began to read Medical Medium by Anthony William who has cured thousands of mysterious illnesses. In his book, he devotes a section on MS and the cause of this crippling disease. Now I am on a mission to tell my story and help give others hope and a chance to heal.
I still go through moments of fear and worry, but it is all overshadowed with possibility.  

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