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Matt Phillips

'Putting The Evidence Back Into Running Injury Management' CPD workshops are the creation of Matt Phillips, running injury specialist for UK magazine Running and regular contributor at Runners Connect . He has appeared on ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’ and ‘Chris Johnson PT’ and is also an online guest lecturer for Running Form Course alongside esteemed names such as Bryan Heiderscheit, Greg Lehman, Jay Dicharry, Pete Larson and Irene Davis. 

Matt started working in Sports Therapy back in 2001 and with a background in strength & conditioning soon became disillusioned with the predominant ‘structural’ focus of most manual therapy courses. Drawing on the movement & learning principles of the Feldenkrais Method, Matt noted some interesting parallels with emerging concepts from modern neuroscience and started developing his own workshops for both therapists and runners. 

Putting the Evidence Back into Running Injury Management‘ and ‘Gait Analysis & Gait Re-education‘ are now delivered both nationally and internationally, fully accredited by the Sports Therapy Association, with the three hour version for runners presented to UK Athletics Run England coaches & leaders.

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