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Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, CNLPP

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, CNLPP is a licensed marriage and family therapist/holistic psychotherapist and your Stress Management Coach. She is also highly skilled and intuitive healer, as well as an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She has been helping people from all walks of life over 20 years. Mateja has helped her clients not just to heal from their emotional trauma and mental illness, but also helped them to remove obstacles that stand in their way to reach their full potential and blossom. 

Mateja helps her clients HEAL, provide them with tools to TRANSFORM, and inspire them to THRIVE." Her motto is: "Less FEAR - more LOVE." 


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She uses integrative/holistic approach, bridging traditional psychotherapy with mind-body healing modalities. She arms her clients with top-notch healing modalities that restore peace of mind and release negative emotions in a matter of minutes.

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