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Marylou and Rindy have been using doTERRA essential oils for their families with amazing results! We are excited to share this valuable information with you. Over the last few years we have found that 'Pure Oils Are Essential' to a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, our families, and our growing circle of friends. We are happy to help you find just the right 'gifts of the earth' for you and your family. We offer a full schedule of classes online, locally, and we travel extensively to teach workshops in-person. We also offer ongoing essential oil education that can be personalized and delivered straight to your smart phone or email address. Please be sure to ask about this FREE service when you request more information. 
More about Rindy:
I started with dōTERRA in 2013 as a user and I had no intentions of making a 'business' out of it. My focus was to help my daughter, who was 20 years old at the time. She has a genetic disorder where tumors grow on her nerve endings causing extreme pain. Upon discovering dōTERRA's essential oils she began using Frankincense, Clove and DDR Prime (the Cellular Complex Oil Blend). These oils have helped support the inflammation around the tissue and nerves. She uses it daily, with amazing results that have helped reduce the tremendous discomfort that she had lived with for twenty years. She is a brand new young lady who loves life! After seeing her results, I decided, with a nudge from a dear friend, that I needed to help others by sharing the oils with them -- and if it meant I could make some additional income -- then that would just be icing on the cake. I had been a teacher's assistant at our local elementary school for 5 years, going nowhere -- in terms of a career. After sharing the oils with so many people I was able to quit my job and come home to share dōTERRA full-time.
My next dōTERRA goal is to bring my husband home from his job before his projected retirement date of December 2018.
This is a goal that is becoming more and more of a reality.
More about Marylōu:
I have always been health-conscious. A former fitness trainer, wife and mother of 5, our family has always been blessed with good health. The kids experienced occasional swimmer’s ear, cuts and scrapes, and even a couple of broken bones. I’ve always turned to natural remedies, herbs, homeopathics, good food, and avoided traditional western medicines whenever possible. I have also always been very thrifty, because we were a single-income family while I homeschooled our 5 children. I used coupons, shopped all the sales flyers and saved money where ever I could. When I was introduced to dōTERRA and attended my first class, I wondered, “WHERE HAVE THESE OILS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” It made perfect sense, and I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t crossed paths before! I knew that I was going to make an ‘investment’ for the oils, but I did not have 'working the business' in mind when I ordered my Home Essentials kit. In fact, I was dead set against 'THE BUSINESS' because I had been involved in a direct sales company previously and I worked my tail off for great 'social' benefits (getting together with the girls), but almost ZERO financial benefits. Although I’ve been teaching classes for more than 3 years now (without any goals or plans) it wasn’t until January of last year that I told my (now business partner) “I’m ready to do this as a business, and share purposely with those who want to learn about the oils."
To conclude, I no longer clip coupons, because I shop through my Rewards Cart and save TONS of money that way & get FREE oils every month!
We are both so glad that you have said YES to learn about dōTERRA essential oils, and YES to join us to see how dōTERRA fits into YOUR family's lives.

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