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Maryland Lyric Opera

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Maryland Lyric Opera is to revive the vocal artistry of the past, from the age when the individuality and the liberty of expression of the singer were of primary importance. Through operatic productions utilizing both established professional singers and emerging talent, MDLO seeks to:

  • Revitalize the importance of vocal artistry (vocal beauty, idiosyncratic use of time, interpretation, emotion, immediacy of expression, etc.) over a merely accurate realization of the notes on the printed page.
  • Prioritize support for the singers' vocal artistry first and foremost over all other production values
  • Foster new audiences for opera, both through the artistry presented and through a commitment to affordable ticket pricing
  • Providing educational experiences to established artists, emerging singers, and audiences alike
  • Develop and promote the careers of singers in MDLO's Emerging Artist Program
  • Create educational and performance opportunities to middle and high school students

Our Beliefs

In this technological, visually based age when music is processed more by machine than by the human, we look to a new generation of singers to heed the call of maintaining and celebrating the natural, unimpeded sound of a human voice. This is where we believe the true art of opera lies – in the individuality of each and every singer and their ability to touch us through the power of their voice alone. The highest level of musical expression is an individual voice because it is the most complex. The voice can move you to tears, make you excited, make you anticipate, and keep you in suspense. It can touch you and stimulate you more than any other instrument or even a full orchestra. A single voice can be heard over 100 instruments in a large space without the use of artificial amplification because of this complexity, thus being more impactful and having a greater influence on an audience. 

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