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Maryland Craft Parties with Jenn Moselen

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Professional artist Jenn Moselen began her love of art at an early age. While most kids spent saturday mornings watching cartoons, Jenn enjoyed following along with legendary artist Bob Ross with her father.

As the years grew by, Jenn took her art to another level by succesfully founding Designs by Jenn entertainment in 2006, focusing her art on face and body art, balloon sculpting, henna and more while employing artists all over MD/DC and VA.

This venture has allowed Jenn to succesfully work around the world, embracing the sights and cultures that shine thru in her artwork. As an visual artist, some of her favorite subjects are the ocean, beaches and wildlife.

To combine her love of art and teaching, in 2017 she launched Maryland Craft Parties. She offers in home parties, fund raising events, private instruction and more.

Wall murals that Jenn has customised can be seen in local businesses as well as in private homes all around Maryland and DC.

The beginning of 2019 saw the completion of construction of Moselen Manor Studios, a life long dream of Jenn's. This allowed her to start a new chapter in her professional life as an artist and teacher.

Please visit our website for private instruction or small classes for both children and adults alike.

When asked of students in previous classes, Jenn's teaching skills have been described at laid back, enjoyable and easy to follow along to.

You can reach Jenn directly by calling 443-995-7193 or email Feel free to visit for more party fun

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