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Mary Wong Insurance Services

Complimentary Personal Money Management Strategies and Consultations & Ongoing Workshops

Build a Strong Foundation! Achieve With An Effective Plan, Good Habits.

Achieve Your Goals and Dreams While Creating Money, Fun, and Prosperity

Mary J. Wong is a well-known personal money management speaker in the San Francisco bay area, leading structured and interactive workshops on how to create a millionaire mindset, eliminating debt and building a solid financial future. She is a Certified Financial Educator®, NAIFA Life and Annuity Certified Professional, Certified Insurance Agent and a College Consultant at Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE).

Visit to view services and  on-going workshops. For more information and questions call (415) 793-7979,  e-mail  We are here to help you.  #thewealthytips  #financialworkshops @marywongins @maryjwong

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