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Coaching empowers. My clients come alive through coaching and are able to accomplish what they want, moving through blocks to progress, and getting energized in the process. When I carry out coaching one-on-one I get to walk with a person and see them grow and succeed. When I facilitate coaching skills workshops I find a whole team can resolve blocks to their progress and become more engaged.

I love speaking and facilitating workshops on the topics of resilience and grit. Through deep processes, clients make progress on their goals and realize their dreams more quickly. There isn't anything I find more rewarding.

I have used assessment tools for a number of years and enjoy helping clients learn more about themselves individually and in teams. When self-awareness increases work becomes easier and smoother, relationships get better and teams work more cohesively.

Increasing clients emotional intelligence helps them increase self-awareness, have better relationships, and enhance the impact on their workplace and community. Even their moods are enhanced. Life and work goes better with increased emotional intelligence. 

Our Mission:

We would love to assist you to make progress on your goals while growing and learning to be more of the best of yourself. Supporting you to lead and work with more resilience, interpersonal skills, energy, effectiveness, and leadership thrills us. We can help you to lead yourself and your teams with increased effectiveness. We are motivated to assist you to keep your career on track and evolving.

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