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Tango Dancer, DJ, Organizer


Tango Dancer, Teacher, Organizer


Born in Rosario, Argentina, Mariano’s love of music and movement as self-expression began with studies in music theory and contemporary and latin dance.  As a teenager, Mariano was introduced to tango through the milongas of Rosario, which gave him a deep sense of the traditions of tango as expression of culture. Today, Mariano’s teaching style focuses on honoring and preserving these traditions of the dance, as well as developing techniques for truly organic movement.  As a musician himself, Mariano integrates musicality into even the most basic class, with emphasis on connection and improvisation.  He believes it is necessary to educate and train the body in order to be able to express the music, teaching dance as a universal language available for everyone to communicate, create, and have fun.  


Mariano has over a decade of professional experience teaching tango, performing, and organizing tango events. He has studied in Argentina and the United States with Roberto Maiolo, Diego Baldanza, Pablo Villarraza, Jorge Torres, and Gustavo Naveira, among others. 

Mariano currently organizes, teaches at, and DJ’s two weekly milongas in Miami, Florida - TangOcho , MIAMI TANGO CLUB and Milonga Guacha - in their seventh and fourth years, respectively, as well as special tango events throughout the year. 



Tango DJ


Mariano has DJ’d for over seven years, and regularly plays 8-10 hours a week of tango music for milongas and practicas. He is constantly researching and digging around in the archives of tango music. As a DJ, Mariano’s main concern is always to keep people dancing. For him, DJ’ing is a dynamic relationship with the dancers and unique every time - requiring the DJ to be perceptive of mood, skill level, and flexible with the music. For this reason, Mariano never prepares a list of tandas. He knows the ultima tanda, but every other tanda - and cortina - will be a response to the energy of the dancers. 


In addition to DJ’ing his milongas in Miami, Mariano has been invited to DJ in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and at milongas in cities throughout the United States (San Diego, Los Angeles, Tampa, Gulfport, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Houston, Chicago, Austin, New York, New Orleans) and at festivals including Fantasy Festival (Miami), Florida Tango Festival (Ft Lauderdale), Red Carpet Tango (Las Vegas), One City Tango Marathon (Newport News, VA), UTF Festival (Tampa), and Tango Gypsy Marathon (Detroit).

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