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Maria Lidis

As a mum of 24 year old twins, Brandon and Dylan (named after my most favourite show, Beverley Hills 90210), adorable dogs Valentino and Ricco, and wonderful partner Paul, my life has always been on the go!
I can’t ever really remember not working, creating or building businesses. Next to my family, it’s what fulfils and inspires me the most. If I’m honest enough, business has become a major part of my existence.

As a woman, first and foremost, I was quick to learn some very important things.  Like most experiences, they weren’t always great and they weren’t always favourable, but they did encourage me to pursuit and learn how to live my life true to who I was and what I loved.

Success in life, whatever success may mean for you, starts from within. Understanding what’s important to you, what your rules and boundaries are, what choices you’re prepared to make, all come from knowing and appreciating who you are.   

Many people have asked me why I chose to work with only women and not share my messages and teachings with men.  I have a great respect for the men in our world but I have only walked in the shoes of the feminine.   

There isn’t much that I haven’t encountered as a woman.  My teachings, inspirations, lessons and advice come from experiences, lived first hand.  Although Education and Personal Development have been very instrumental in my journey, it’s the real life situations that make us the best teachers and allow us to inspire and teach from the right place. 

It’s my mission to guide women to step into their personal power.  To teach them how to create financial and personal freedom by doing what they love and inspiring them to go out and in turn inspire other women to do the same.  

When we have the right resources and ongoing support, we can help bring about great changes in ourselves, families, communities our world and our planet. Women are natural teachers, motivators, nurturers, action takers and I looking forward to teaching, inspiring and working with  the next generation of "Difference Makers."  


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