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For singer-songwriter duo Jordan and Sasha Marcotte, soul is the term that most embodies the emotional transparency they commit to in the music they compose and perform together as MARCOTTE.


The Marcotte’s met in Kansas City, MO in 2013. They quickly discovered that collaboration came naturally and what they could do together surpassed any success they were able to achieve separately. Sasha and Jordan partnered together to create and perform original songs for their friends’ weddings –music that honestly and affectionately communicated the love story of the bride and groom. Soon finding their own love story in the midst, the pair has successfully translated that same honesty and affection to the art they create together.


Though the stages and audience have grown in size and number as MARCOTTE continues to experience acclaim, the r&b-pop duo has been able to keep the intimacy and clarity they’re known for while performing for live audiences.


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